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Alice Greenfingers 1
Flex your green thumb!

Visit Uncle Berry, the laziest member of the Greenfingers family, and help him restore a decayed farm.

Prepare for a new season of money making, decorating and harvesting in Alice Greenfingers 2.

  • Grow Chili plants and 12 other crops
  • New animals, including goats and bees
  • All-new auction mode

  • Free Download - Only ~3.5 mb


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    Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and compatibles
    15 MB Hard drive space
    DirectX installed: 8.0 or above
    CPU: 500 MHz Pentium III or better


    13 Types of crops to grow:
  • Chilies, Lilies, Egg Plants, Roses, Blueberries, Pink Lilies, Tomatoes, Rapeseeds, Gerberas, Cranberries, Bell Peppers, Gladiolus, Sunflowers

  • 7 Badges to win:
  • The Dandelion Badge, The Tomato Badge, The Gerbera Badge, The Cranberry Badge, The Gladiolus Badge, The Rapeseed Badge, The Bell Pepper Badge

  • 11 Golden Trophies to unlock:
  • The Apple Trophy, The Chili Trophy, The Lily Trophy, The Fat Burner Trophy, The Sales Trophy, The Blueberry Trophy, The Sunflower Trophy, The Eggplant Trophy, The Rose Trophy, The Pink Lily Trophy, The Super Trophy

  • 48 Items in the shop

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